Quality & Funding

What are the benefits of using Plato Training? Blackwood House

Plato Training UK Ltd was originally established in May 2008 with the main aim to provide high quality training that was accessible to all within the North Wales and North West area.  We are proud of our background, our learner success and our staff and look forward to our continued success in the future.

Let’s talk funding

Our funding supports a variety of people with training and qualifications which means that we can deliver full qualifications free of charge.

  • Apprentices – our funding supports 16-23 year olds who are keen to find a new position and gain training and qualifications – we provide both a free recruitment and apprenticeship programme.
  • Employed – our funding supports individuals who are ages 16 through to retirements and are employed for a minimum of 16 hours.   We provide a free recruitment service for young people and deliver accredited qualifications for all ages.
  • Work ready – our funding supports individuals who are unemployed and claiming Universal Credit, JSA or ESA and wanting to gain training and qualifications to help them back into work.

Please contact us to confirm whether you are entitled to our funding and to see how we can support you in the future.


Let’s talk partners

Here at Plato, we have been working with the same partners since we started in 2008 which highlights our strength in not only in our relationship management but also our compliance and quality.


We are funded through the European Social Fund which financially supports the 16-18 Apprenticeships and Adult Skills Budget.   The European Social Fund is one of five Structural Funds designed to reduce differences in prosperity and strengthen economic and social cohesion in the  European Union.


The 2007 to 2013 England ESF programme is investing a total £2.5 billion of European funding in jobs and skills. Priority groups for support include:

  • young people not in education, employment or training
  • families with multiple problems
  • offenders
  • people with low skill levels
Wales - updated ESF

Through the EU Structural Funds, Wales has benefited from just over £4bn since 2000, supporting business, research and innovation, helping people into work, increasing skills, improving transport and digital networks, regenerating our communities, and enhancing our environment.

Let’s talk quality…

Plato are proud of our quality accreditations

  • Matrix Accredited – this shows how we successfully assess and measure our advice and support services, which ultimately supports individuals in their choice of career, learning, work and life goals
  • IIP Accreditation recognises our commitment to developing our people and shows how our people make a great business. People’s strengths, people’s ambitions and people’s ideas are the source of our success.