About Us

Plato Training has fun, creative and engaging learner centred approach to training that is accessible to all.   We are a leading Training provider offering fully funded Apprenticeships, Employability courses and creative courses in Child Care, Care, Business & Management and Hospitality and Hair and Beauty.  We offer work based training and have funding for Adult & Young People Apprenticeships and we deliver Work Ready Programmes supporting people back into employment.

Having delivered training to over 1500 learners, the PLATO training team are passionate about inspiring learning and motivating people to achieve the best possible outcomes whether this be finding the right career or receiving the training to help them to be the best that they can.

These programmes are part financed by the European Social Fund through the English and Welsh Government.

We have been operating for 6 years……and we’re not going away! We aim to offer a flexible approach to our delivery and the team are committed to strive for excellence.

We continuously aim to make a difference by:

  • Improving skills
  • Increase knowledge
  • Being flexible
  • Embrace change
  • Building sustainable long term relationships


Do our clients like what we do?

We can’t read minds, but they keep coming back to us. The quality of our work has been recognised too. Over the last 6 years we have achieved high grades during inspections and gained accreditation from various bodies.


What will Plato offer you?

  • You can talk to one of our experts who will give you practical help and advice on your choices
  • An allocated assessor / trainer that will work with you throughout your journey
  • Quality assessment and training leading to recognised qualifications


These are a few more reasons why you should use Plato Training…..

  • Our current Apprenticeship completion rate is at 93%-consistently high and against a National Average of 65% (against SFA targets)
  • Access to Government Funding enabling us to deliver QCFs: FREE OF CHARGE!
  • Strong and dedicated team who hold years of occupational experience within their Sectors
  • Training that is creative, fun and engaging…..whilst you are also learning!
  • A team who takes pride in exceeding people’s expectations
  • A team who likes to have fun!

 Customer Testimonial

“Frances, meeting you was and still is a fantastic opportunity and has helped us in more ways than one

  1. We were able to come and present our organisation to you and your students and spread the word.
  2. It also enables us to demonstrate that we are good at what we do and aim to provide a good service
  3. We have also managed to get our staff on some training free of charge which is extremely helpful and needed.
  4. We got our office apprentice who has started her learning now and concentrating better.
  5. We had the opportunity to interview your students some of which we are in the process of getting them DBC checked and trained to join our new support team.
  6. We have now the opportunity to get the QCF training required to enable our team to become a well balanced team with all the further training to meet all social care requirements.
  7. And last but not least, working with you Plato is a great experience in itself and one you don’t always come across nowadays.

I would also like to say that I am very passionate about working with people who are unemployed but keen to find work and giving them the opportunity to gain work in a sector that is so fulfilling and very important to our communities.  I believe that everyone has always got something to offer and if we can be the company to support someone achieve their potentials, then we are very happy to do that.”

Testimonial from Prime Support

How do I find out more?

If you want to find out more, please look through our courses and contact us, we are here to help.